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This Java library is a HTML implementation of Java's native AWT toolkit. Event driven, compomnent based tree.
The initial library release is a stable BETA. I already have several application written using the library. Currently HTML AWT supports Java Servlets only although I am planning further adaptors so that it can be used in stand-alone perl CGI scripts. Lots of new features to add in the upcomming releases but for now enjoy..

Small Example

Here is a sample java snipplet of a Login panel. This panel is displayed as a Login button, then when the user user clicks on it a POPUP is sent to the client browser to gather user/password information. When the user is authenticated (using servers default authentication method and ACLs) then the login button's label is changed to a label 'Profile' and a listener can be registered on it so that when someone presses the Profile button action or another panel can be displayed. Code sniplet: LoginPanel.java

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